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    The mission of The Investment Research Foundation is the research, analysis, and publication of information of use to foundations, pension plans, retired persons living on their savings, and others in the investment community and to assist in making more informed investment decisions in the efficient and thoughtful allocation of assets and resources over time.

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Universities, Foundations, and Pensions Consider Hedge Funds

Real Stocks Returns

A recent “critical examination” of hedge funds noted the growing trend for directors of university endowments to invest in hedge funds, which invest in equities and fixed income markets through specialized strategies […]

Corporate Governance — “All the Way?”


Corporate Governance — “All the Way?” How far should shareholder corporate governance go? For those who answer “All the way!” I offer these reflections on how far that really is. My thinking along this line was stimulated by a visit from George Roberts, billionaire cofounder and principal of Kohlberg, Kravis & Roberts, the leading and […]